Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Sheldon Square Part II

What do they say about saving the best till last? Ha! I love these statues. The lone man was actually a set they were opposite each other but my camera couldn't (or wouldn't) take them together, in fairness they were quite a way apart.


  1. Where are these? They're so strange. Excellent pics.


  2. Thanks for these pic of unknown (at least to me) London! Unusual, indeed. Ciao. MG

  3. Love those statues too :) The first time I walked through that area, I thought that man was real for a minute...

  4. The last statue sure does look the best, nice shape and size but shame about the face!

    It is a nice part of London down beside there, Little Venice is a must visit part of London.

  5. Joe,
    Sheldon Square is near Paddington Station. Theres ont really a lot to see - however if you go up the road to Little Venice you can get a canal ride to Camden. Its still on my to do list!!
    Thanks for stopping by!!