Saturday, 25 July 2009

Two Flower

It was sooooooooo hot that day!! On the plus side lots of ice lollies!!
The cirtificate from Monument (front and back)

Olympic flag outside City Hall

Statues outside City Hall

Trapped London, Monument
This is from a little while ago when London was hot and sunny. I had a friend come to stay from the mystical land of Congleton (in the London Dungeon my friend was standing on trial for loving a horse a little too much when we were told Congleton doesn't exist).
He insisted on going to the London Dungeon. I have not been there in the four years I have lived in London for a very good reason - I was scared. Because I had been previously been dragged to the one in York and had lived to tell the tale I agreed. The difference being the London one has rides!! (descriptions taken from the website):
'Boat Ride to Hell
Are you afraid of the dark? Are you petrified of drowning? Do you hate the feeling of falling backwards? Face your fears with the Traitor, Boat Ride to Hell at The London Dungeon!'
Owen - did we just go down a big slope?
Me - erm. yes. I think we did...
'You have been tried and sentenced, now you must accept your fate and let the hangman guide you to the end. A final rush of adrenaline as you plummet into the dark depths to embrace your doom!

I was scared going up, cos we kept going up...I didn't get the flip in the tummy feeling I was expecting. In the picture I was laughing, so it was good and Owen did look a little scared - that might be because he wasn't allowed his glasses.

Next for the tourists was Monument - all 311 steps of it. It was built between 1671 and 1677 to commemorate the Great Fire of London and to celebrate the rebuilding of the city. The fire began in a baker's in Pudding Lane on 2nd September 1666 and was extinguished 5th of September, after destroying the greater part of the city. 311 steps up a spiralling staircase and at the end you get a certificate for a mere £3!! The only down side is that it’s very narrow at the top and London is covered my mesh, as in the trapped London in the above pic.

The giant Kangaroo in the bra and knickers, by Elle Macpherson, outside City Hall can be explained thus:‘Twenty lifesize kangaroo statues will be descending on LondonBetween Wednesday 24th and 30th June 20 life-size kangaroo statues will be descending on London.Each will boast its own unique design, with the roos created by a mix of celebrities, students, artists and sponsors.Known as the Kangaroo Island Hunt roos, they will be located at landmarks throughout central London, and the public will be invited to find the roos in return for winning a trip to Kangaroo Island!The 20 kangaroo designs have come from various celebs, including model Elle Macpherson, GMTV presenter Richard Arnold and South Australian artists Peter Coad and Emma Hack.’
There is no similar excuse for the giant egg next to it!!!

Saturday, 18 July 2009