Thursday, 18 June 2009

Regent's Park part 2

The house meeting went well; two boys (that shared a room) were the main problems of the house. One has left and the other has been asked to leave. It is a shame because they were nice and have been quiet lately but the house is messier since their arrival. Most of the glasses, plates, bowls end up in his room. He leaves his stubble all over the sink, and it is disgusting for people who use the sink to wash their face! Its mainly the party atmosphere (and the food stealing) that is a pain. You used to not know how many people were living in that room. He has at least three friends over every night, forcing some house mates to lock their door when going downstairs to watch TV. Naturally the boys requested more girls in the house! It turns out that I am not the only girl in the house anymore!!! : ( two guys moved in the room downstairs and then I saw a lot of an, I must say, older (than them) female. She was at the house meeting. And now it appears there is another lady living with them. Four people in one room?!?

My fave house mate (my party boy) has left for his home - Rome this morning. I'm very sad and will be more lonely - but at least I have an invite to Rome!!

And the zoo called me yesterday. They offered me the job! But I couldn't take it! I got offered only a 12 hours contract when I stated I needed a 30 hour one. They woke me up for that! I'm annoyed because in the pre-interview, 1st stage, they asked me and I told them full time and the lady was quiet keen to put me down for also wanting part time hours. It struck me as strange then, like they had already filled the full time positions. I told her no, just full time. They said they would see and get back to me. I doubt they will. I was told that they may have filled all their full time slots with people who scored higher in the main interview! The cheek! They are a zoo!! They should be aware that caging people for long periods with nothing to do in a darkened room isn't the best idea, then they expect me to dazzle them at interview, they were lucky they didn't lose a limb!! Grrrr!


  1. It seems you are not having a great time but hold on! Think about your next trip to Rome! When are you going to come? Let me know!
    Be patient, take care and enjoy your weekend.
    BTW, good pics!

  2. I've also had that hanging experience. Hopefully another job will come your way soon