Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Regent's Park part 1

I love the detail on the house, the statues, roman columns - but look at all those chimneys!
The BT tower versus an old style lamppost

I had a job interview today - at London Zoo! I made sure friends and family members made no 'what as a monkey?' joke. Luckily they just joked (hopefully) about me stealing them baby pandas or big game. (If I'm to be arrested - or mauled - for anything it would be stealing me a Meerkat, sorry guys). The job title is seasonal retail & admissions sales assistants. I took the scenic route to get some good photos. The area round there is so pretty and the park especially so. I will definitely go back to get some quality time there. However the interview was LONG. I felt like a seasonal potential staff member – as in disposable. The start time was 1:30pm, and naturally I arrived early. I was given a tombola ticket; it was rather foreboding to be given a lottery style ticket at a job interview – is that how they choose?!? – And rather impersonal – You’re not important enough to read your name off a piece of paper. The interview was done in two stages, one they check you’re eligible to work in the UK and a quick question; what toy would you recommend to blah blah blah out of the ones on the table.

Stage two was the interview. The rest of the time was spent in the quite dark auditorium. They had two large flower pieces that looked like you would find them in a funeral home rather than a zoo. I left after 4pm. What were we doing in the darkened auditorium with the morbid flowers? NOTHING. Literally. We sat for HOURS doing nothing. Just staring into space and daydreaming. We were offered no refreshments. When the interviewer before mine came in and asked for somebody else I laughed, not cos it was funny, nor in a bitter way but because I was slowly losing my sanity. I think I didn’t do so well because of that – may have come across as a bit of a nutter after being spoken to and being let loose from my cage after so long!

I’ve got to go – the house has a meeting due to the stealing of food, noise and dirty dishes!!!

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  1. London Zoo! What a nightmare... We walked such a long way to get there during our last trip to London! My son, Valerio,absolutely wanted to visit it. Anyway, Regent's Park was actually beautiful;the zoo, quite disappointing. But what was the result of your interview? Will they employ you or not? When will you know?