Friday, 7 August 2009

The tube

I've been using the tube a lot recently - so it deserves a post!! I found a very interesting web page (link below) dedicated to everything tube!!!
Go where we may - just not too any of these stations (!):

Lots of stations have closed down, but are still sitting there in a strangely unnerving way (unnerving, anyway, for anyone who has seen Quatermass and the Pit).
They are: Aldwych (closed 1994), Blake Hall (1983), British Museum (1933), Brompton Road (1934), City Road (1922), Down Street (1932), Lords (1939), Marlborough Road (1939), Ongar and North Weald (1994)South Acton (1959), South Kentish Town (1924), St Mary's (1938), Uxbridge Road (1947), White City (1959) and York Road (1932).


  1. I've always found London Tube extraordinarily well-working. Maybe it's because I'm used to Rome underground ... TERRIBLE ... UNBEARABLE...

  2. There are quite a few more closed down Fleet St is one that springs to mind I'll see if I can find the list. Have you been to the Transport museum in Covent Garden? Lots of interesting books about it there.

  3. There is also this
    and this
    both interesting sites (I think)