Monday, 30 March 2009

Naked interview (phone)

Life still revolves around the job scene, or lack thereof! The small dentist that I busted a gut to get to never bothered to give me a polite thanks but no thanks.

The good news is that somebody has decided I'm worth a chance! (I'm trying to cross from retail to admin, with a nearly completed English and History degree, but the path seems to be guarded by hungry wolves). A nice lady emailed me asking to call me for a chat. We agreed on the Monday at 11am. The weekend passed. Monday 11am nothing. Half past nothing. I've started doing jobs around the house putting a load of washing on. 12pm nothing. She had forgot. I went for a shower. Washed my hair, rubbed shower gel on me. Phone goes. 'Are you okay to talk?' I've been jobless for almost a month. 'Yes' was all I could say. I stood there talking about myself and what I consider my self to be good at, naked, wet and covered in shower gel! I have a second interview tomorrow. Naked interviews rock.
photo of graffiti, in the staff section, in a shop I used to work for, on Oxford Street


  1. thank you, it all came to nothing though! Apparently I needed to be more experienced to make coffee! Im am very lucky to be starting an internship on Tuesday though! Glad to see you are on the mend!x